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I am a big believer in giving back. Those of you who know me either personally or professionally know that I love to serve and volunteer with my photography. I believe photography has been such a gift, and I love to use it to give back. One of the organizations close to my heart is

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, of which I am an affiliate photographer. NILMDTS is a non profit organization that offers sensitive bereavement photography for families facing the loss of a newborn or baby. This morning, The Today Show did a segmant focused on NILMDTS and it happened to feature one of our Local Minneapolis families and photographers. It is amazing and wonderful to see that the organization is getting such national coverage.

You may remember me blogging about a Minneapolis Star Tribune article last fall on Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep in which I was interviewed regarding the organization. If you are interested in viewing the Today’s Show episode from today, you can find the link below.


The families that I have blessed to work with all are very dear to my heart and I feel so honored to be asked to capture and document their important day with their child. If you know of anyone who may be facing the loss of a newborn child, please have them visit

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  1. Lee Thompson said . . .

    Matt Lauer interviewed a lady this morning 6/26/08 where she explained the breaddown of a barrell of oil and where the money goes. I would like a copy of that conversation or that explanation of the breakdown please. Thank You – Lee Thompson

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