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My new best buddy

So,  I have a new best friend. Don’t be sad S. & T. there is room for more.  I can’t wait to introduce you!  Meet little G.  He was such a riot and we had the time of our lives. You would think we had played together forever!  Check out little G.’s smile, isn’t that enough to make you want to schedule your own playdate with him.


 This little boy was so fun, full of life and well mannered.  Our conversations went somthing like this..  G. see my trains? Me. Wow, I love these (I am quite the Brio and Thomas fan myself).  Percy is my favoriteG.  He’s greenMe. I love green, is that your favorite color? (his mom already told me it was so I cheated a little there)G.  uh huh, play in my room?  Me. sure, I’ll come to your room, Can I take a quick picture of you here first?G. Yes (and he would continue to plant himself where ever I ask. Really, this is the easiest 2 year old to date). He was sooooo easy, fun and did I mention CUTE!  His parents were wonderful also. I do have share that I had about a 15 minute conversation with G.’s mom before I knew she was pregnant. I mean, she is due in 2 months and you cant even tell!  I am going to have to admit, I may never have noticed had she not mentioned it to me.  What a gorgeous mom!  I am so glad they were open to doing some maternity shots also.  


 Thank you so much B. Family for the playdate! 



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