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Beautiful Eyes | Minnesota Children’s Photography

Don’t these sisters have the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen? It was such a pleasure to photograph them both.

a tiny newborn | Minnesota Newborn Photographer


I have been so lucky to photograph this family for a couple of years ..and now they have a new addition. Welcome baby j.  Isn’t he beautiful!  I adore this picture of him and his sister cuddled up. What a fun newborn photo session this was!  Thank you again and Congratulations P. family!  Your full gallery is on it’s way! 


Gorgeous Mom-to-Be

There must be something in the air right now. I have been photographing these unbelievable beautiful moms – to – be lately. I love maternity photography and of course I always think pregnant women are beautiful, it is something about carrying a life around inside of you, but lately, well..have a peek yourself.

I show up for my session with this wonderful couple (who are going to be AMAZING parents) and she was still in her PRE PREGNANCY jeans! I am going to be honest here, I probably can’t even fit into my jeans from 9 months ago – and I’m not pregnant (hey, it’s been a long winter! ha) and here J. is, having a baby in a few weeks!

The H. Family will be blessed with a new addtion soon, soon will be welcoming baby H. Stay tuned for newborn portraits of this wonderful families new addition!

Anxiously awaiting..

This was one of those sessions where I struggled trying to decide which image to show on the blog. I LOVED them all…and how could I not. Not only was this the sweetest couple.. they were beautiful, photogenic and all around fun to be around.  This is the kind of photo session where I am so happy to be a photographer and capture moments like this.  (ok, every session I leave I have that feeling – it’s like a natural high!)   These amazing parents are expecting a beautiful baby girl, and with her mom’s model good looks (well, and dad’s too) she is going to be one beautiful, TALENTED (did I mention her dad’s a musican) and sweet little girl. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival baby H.  You have 2 amazing parents!

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