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Welcome Home Sweet Baby!

 I crashed the homecoming. This little girl hadn’t even been home 24 hours when I headed over to do her first photosession.  I mean, she was NEW! Beautiful little T. is such a perfect baby. At first T. decided she would show us what life was like with a newborn.  No sleep and a few tears, but finally…well, she got tired,  and we made beautiful memories together. There is something about newborn photography that takes my breath away. The smell of them, the way they curl up..(just look at her curl below). 




The little way they try to follow their parents voice, the bird like way their mouth gets when they are hunger, the smell of their skin… Everything is amazing.  This little girl reminded me so much of my son the day we brought him home. In fact, her first name is his middle name!


 I feel so honored and blessed to have been able to document the first days of this newborns life. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek B. family!


As you can see from this post, there was not a lack of images I loved, I loved them all…and I hope mom and dad do too!  xoxo – Lisa 

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