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Just wondering?? | Minnesota Children’s Photography

I am just wondering…if you have ever seen a cuter little guy?  Meet (D.).  Isn’t he adorable, he completely stole my heart at this session.   I am sure you can see why..

Besides the fact that he has a huge smile, a joyous attitude and *smiling* eyes, check out his eyelashes below. They were sooooo long and gorgeous!


(D.’s) custom photosession at the downtown minneapolis studio was a gift from his grandma. I always love when I am photographing a gift session. I can’t think of any better gift than giving someone the memories of a moment – for a lifetime!  Thank you so much for allowing me to play and meet your little man. He is amazing!


Mary… | Senior Portraits in Minnesota


Meet Mary. She is another Centennial 2009 graduate and I continue to be amazed by these girls coming out of Centennial. All so smart, fun, talented and of course, gorgeous!  We photographed a near her home, which is special because it was a spot she and her family can see from her home daily, which just makes it mean that much more.

Then we headed downtown for a vareity of locations. What a fun outdoor senior session in the suburbs and city of Minneapolis!  Thank you for the amazing morning Mary and mom! :) Your gallery will be to you soon.

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