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Hangin’ Out | Twin Cities Children’s Photography

He was so comfortable in this sidewalk environment… like he hangs out in the middle of sidewalks all the time!  And he couldn’t have been more sweet.

What your home can look like with custom photography!

I LOVE when I go back to clients’ homes for sessions each year. It is so rewarding to see my work on the walls and how everyone is enjoying those special “captured” moments. This particular client has portraits everywhere, and she has done and AWESOME job displaying them (she just ordered 4 more canvases from her recent session so I can’t wait to see them). I love to work with clients on how, where and what size to use in their homes. This particular space is a large catwalk that overlooks the main level and out onto the lake. So….I was able to convince her to get a canvas that is nearly 6 FEET TALL..and it looks WONDERFUL!  If you have images of how you have used Lisa Slotsve Photography in your home, send them over…you will most likely make the blog!


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