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Two Peas in a Pod | Minnesota Baby Photographer

Meet the beautiful Harsh family. Aren’t these the most beautiful twins you have ever seen? I had the privilege of photographing this family for their holiday cards, and what an honor it was since their mom owns one of the most amazing stationary shops in town Watermark.  Thank you so much for the amazing session.  I look forward to working with you in the future!

Perri Family | Minneapolis On Location Family Photographer

This was a DREAM session. An amazing family that just wanted to have pictures of the children and the family playing together in the yard. The yard had toys and clothes and all kinds of dreamy stuff set up for our shoot, it was like walking into a Chasing Fireflies catalogue. We literally played and laughed and captured the children doing their favorite activities. Thank you so much to the Perri family for allowing me to capture these fun, vibrant family and children portraits. You were so fun to work with!


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