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honored to be interviewed | Minneapolis Children and High School Senior Photographer

I was asked to do an interview for a new blog called Something We Like which is a blog that is about professionals in their field sharing their experiences (or advices) to people who take interest in the industry. The blog is about…well, things they like..just as the name suggests.

I feel very honored to have been asked to contribute to the blog. Here is the article if you are interested.

Lisa’s Interview on Something We Like Blog

Colored Organics | Minneapolis Commercial and Children’s Photography |

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a wonderful new baby and toddler organic clothing line.  These images will be used in their commercial website and print pieces.  I am so excited to share with you this wonderful local “green” clothing line.  Their name is Colored Organics and they offer a full range of beautiful products. As you can see from the images below the clothing is gorgeous (as are the models – check out the little cutie below)Minneapolis Product PhotographyCheck out the back pocket and details on these pants…where where these when my kids were smaller?…





I wanted to thank the owners for the wonderful photosessions, and the children’s parents for the wonderful models they brought. I mean, what is cuter here, these kids or the clothes…I think it is a tie!!!  



Check out this adorable hat…I want it in every color for all my infant photo sesssions!  Once Colored Organics full website is up and running I will post a link for you to see the complete product line. In the meantime, you can sign up for emails and info at



Minneapolis Photographer, children’s lifestyle photography

One of my favorite things about being a lifestyle children’s photographer is that I get to capture children, unscripted. My favorite images are not the big perfect grins, but the ones that capture kids being that perfect moment.

Twin Cities Children and family photographer, On location photographer

The way you remember them playing in their rain boots, the belly laughs and the way they hug each other so hard, it chokes the other. That is children’s photography. I had the complete honor of photographing these beautiful little girls at my Minneapolis Studio. What was so amazing – beyond the fact that they are well behaved, beautiful, lively and have an amazingly gifted mother – is that these two beautiful girls are the daughters of one of my childhood friends from my hometown of Williston, North Dakota (where you say? is pretty small). I have so many FUN memories of growing up with their mom. We had lost touch after college so what a blessing to be back in contact and to get to meet her children. Photographing them opened up so many memories – when I looked through the lens and saw their mom’s eyes looking back at me, I was taken back in time. It was a wonderful session and a wonderful honor. Thank you Erin for allowing me to capture them on film forever!

Minneapolis Minnesota photographer, children’s photography in minnesota

Enjoy your sneak peek. xoxo – l.s.

(November 14), 2007

Why is my title from 3 months ago you ask? That is because that is the day blu domain (only the biggest and coolest website company for photographers) interviewed me on thier blog. Truly one my most exiting days as a professional photographer. see they choose 50 amazing and compelling (thier words) photographers from around the world to interview in thier count down to Christmas. They interviewed some very big names with the likes of Cheryl Muhr, Audrey Woulard the list goes on and on reading like the list of my idols and favorite photogs..and then they interviewed little old me. I feel very blessed to have been asked. Below is the interview..I cant believe I am not just finally getting around to sharing it!

November 14, 200743 Days Until Christmas ::: Lisa Slotsve 


::: A world away from the craziness of the holidays, BLU debuts 50 days ’til Christmas.I am obsessed with interviewing amazing and compelling people. Join me for the next 50 days as I interview a a true mix of infuences from around the world.::: Need holiday gift ideas? Surprise giveaways. Free sites. Wake up to BLU.::: Plus stay tuned for our NEW $100.00 HTML site. Spread the word this HTML site is not just an HTML site. New concept at BLU to debut.::: If you are a current client with a 600.00 or 800.00 site BUY a Gift Card to redeem at between now and January 2009 yes 2009. Stock up!! BUY GIFT CARDS HERE

My name… Lisa SlotsveMy website…..www.lisaslotsvephotography.comI hail from …. Minneapolis Minnesota now – originally, the great state of North Dakota!1. All I want for Christmas is….well, it has been one B-U-S-Y season, and I feel very blessed that my business has grown so quickly but my family time has suffered. I am looking forward to some quality time alone with my family for Christmas.2 My favorite holiday cocktail….Christmas Jones. If you haven’t had one, get one. If you don’t know what it is, google it.3. My favorite holiday party hoer devours….mmm, this is a tough one since I love food. especially hoer devours.. I am going to go with deep fried calamari tossed in spicy peppers.4. The average price I spend per gift…. I can neither confirm nor deny any dollar amount that I spend on gifts. I don’t like to leave a papertrail when it comes to shopping… My husband may be reading this ;) 5. My favorite gift to give during the holidays …. Starbucks gift cards (who doesn’t love those..hint hint..) and portraits, what else! (yes grandma and grandpa, your getting pictures of the kids AGAIN!)6. Something overrated about the holidays …. egg nog, definitely7. Something I must have before Christmas …. The iPhone – I KNOW! I can’t believe I don’t have one yet either8. One thing I always do during the holidays …Make the 3 and a half hour flight from Minnesota to sunny Palm Springs for a little R & R and golf with my family.9. Where I love to shop for the holidays …..mmm, the list might be shorter if you asked where I DONT like to shop for the holidays…Anthropology, Banana Republic, Room & Board, Toys R Us,Target, Best Buy, the Apple Store, Home Depot…should I continue??10. A holiday tradition I have …. My husband, my 4 yr old son and 2 yearold daughter head out to the Christmas tree farm. This is one of the best traditions! We bundle up, drink apple cider, do pictures with Santa, pet the live reindeer, go for a sleigh ride and then grab our saw, walk around forever contemplating the best Charlie brown Christmas tree cut it down anddrag it to the car. We drive home with it tied to the top of the car anxious to get home and decorate.11. One thing you won’t find me doing during the holidays…singing out loud. Oh, I sing plenty to myself, but trust me, this is one thing you aren’t missing.12. One of my New Year’s resolutions…. to stop reading blogs all day instead of editing!13. I have been naughty or nice….Nice of course!I have been blu for…Not long enough = 4 glorious months!The camera I shoot with … Canon 5d and Nikon D200My album company … J. LeeA website I frequent often…blu blog of course!

you can also find it at

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