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Alicia | Minnesota Senior Photographer

Meet Alisha,  A 2010 senior grad and unbelievably gorgous girl! The camera loves her, and apparently so do my children. In the strangest twist of things, 3 weeks after I took her these pictures, my son was looking over my shoulder and said “mom, that is my swim instructor”!  I mean, what a SMALL WORLD!  I had never been to a lesson (the perils of working full time) and Alicia had never had a reason to know the kids lasts names. So…as it turns out, this beautiful girl who my camera adores…also has adoring fans in my favorite 2 little people. :)  I love it when life surprises you like that!  Thanks for the awesome session!


Olson Family | Minnesota Family Portrait Photographer

Oh my gosh, can you believe how lucky I got. I mean,check out this gorgeous little curly head of hair and his equally gorgeous new sister. Let me tell you, the Olson’s are one amazing family.  The are down to earth, well traveled, amazing decorators, incredibly bright…and just about the most gorgeous family around.  Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your newest edition, as well as your family memories.  It was a bit of a “suprise” session, but they just rolled with it.  I just love people like that. I think I have lifelong new friends in this wonderful family.  Enjoy the sneak peek Olson Family, and thank you!


Arrival | Minneapolis Baby Photographer

July was a very busy month for newborns. Probably my busiest month this year..and what a fun month it was.   Miss Natalie became a big sister and I was honored to photograph their newest addition. Natalie has been a client of mine since she was practically a baby herself. She is quite the little model, and as you can see from these pictures of her gorgeous little sister..she has someone following in her modeling footsteps.  Congrats Berg family on your arrival!


All The Way From California.. | Twin Cities Children’s Photographer

I have had the privilage of photographing the Degrave family since this beautiful little girl was days old and they now live out in California. On a recent visit, I had the chance to capture them again…and my how time fly’s!  I can not believe how big both children are. I always love that I get to see my amazing client families year after year…even when they have moved thousands of miles away.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek..and I look forward to next years portraits!


Koen | Children’s Photographer Minnesota

This was SUCH a fun session, I particularly liked the irony of the adorable shot of little sweet Koen under the “terrible monsters” pictures. He was quite the opposite, a little angel.  Howell family, thank you for the opportunity to photograph your precious little cutie. Enjoy the sneak peek!blog13blog21

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