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Emily was one of my Spring Lake Park Senior reps and so now she is back for her actual senior portraits. Doesn’t she look amazing. Above is one of my favorite images of the year..It is so fun to see how much someone can change in just a summer. Thank you for the great session, I can’t wait for you to see the rest!

[caption id="attachment_279" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Spring Lake Park Senior Pictures"]Spring Lake Park Senior Pictures[/caption]

Amazing Amanda..

That about says it all. Look at those eyes! This high school senior photo session in downtown Minneapolis was literally the calm after the storm. It had been raining and muggy and we came very close to rescheduling, I am sooooo glad we didn’t.  You know that beautiful calm, right after a storm…. well here it is topped off with a beautiful, intelligent, athletic, articulate senior..what could be better??! Thank you Amanda, I cant wait for you to see the rest of your gallery.


Little L.

I photographed little L. about a year ago at one of my children’s clothing boutique mini photography sessions. He has grown so much. What an honor to be 

asked to photograph him again. This session was a combination family photography session and a session for little L.  This little guy stole my heart…just look at him, he’ll steal yours too!  Thank you L. Family.


Minnesota Movie Star


I had the honor of photographing one of Minnesota’s best child t.v and movie stars. You may recognize Jackson Bond from his leading role with Nicole Kidman in The Invasion. You can read more about the many roles Jackson has had a staring role in here in his IMD profile.


The thing out this young man is, he is talented, hilarious (you should spend an hour with him), humble and wonderful. His family has done such a wonderful job raising him and he is just another hockey playing kid from Minnesota (who happens to star on t.v. and movies!)

Thank you Jackson for the fun session. You were AMAZING.



Ciara = Cute

creative minneapolis kids photography

You have to agree with me, this face just makes you smile.

 I do not know if I have ever met anybody with more personality wrapped into a tiny little package. Little C is BIG on laughter, love and PERSONALITY. (I think the dictionary has her name spunk when you look it up). These were for some updated head shots also, because, much like the post below, Ciara does some acting, dancing, commercials and has been on t.v.  You have probably even seen her if you saw last years “In Case of Emergency” on prime time (hint, you might recognize someone else on the blog who starred in it too).

Talk about talent wrapped into one ray of sunshine. I adore C.  Thank you so much for spending the evening with my at your photo session!

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