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My new best buddy

So,  I have a new best friend. Don’t be sad S. & T. there is room for more.  I can’t wait to introduce you!  Meet little G.  He was such a riot and we had the time of our lives. You would think we had played together forever!  Check out little G.’s smile, isn’t that enough to make you want to schedule your own playdate with him.


 This little boy was so fun, full of life and well mannered.  Our conversations went somthing like this..  G. see my trains? Me. Wow, I love these (I am quite the Brio and Thomas fan myself).  Percy is my favoriteG.  He’s greenMe. I love green, is that your favorite color? (his mom already told me it was so I cheated a little there)G.  uh huh, play in my room?  Me. sure, I’ll come to your room, Can I take a quick picture of you here first?G. Yes (and he would continue to plant himself where ever I ask. Really, this is the easiest 2 year old to date). He was sooooo easy, fun and did I mention CUTE!  His parents were wonderful also. I do have share that I had about a 15 minute conversation with G.’s mom before I knew she was pregnant. I mean, she is due in 2 months and you cant even tell!  I am going to have to admit, I may never have noticed had she not mentioned it to me.  What a gorgeous mom!  I am so glad they were open to doing some maternity shots also.  


 Thank you so much B. Family for the playdate! 



Welcome Home Sweet Baby!

 I crashed the homecoming. This little girl hadn’t even been home 24 hours when I headed over to do her first photosession.  I mean, she was NEW! Beautiful little T. is such a perfect baby. At first T. decided she would show us what life was like with a newborn.  No sleep and a few tears, but finally…well, she got tired,  and we made beautiful memories together. There is something about newborn photography that takes my breath away. The smell of them, the way they curl up..(just look at her curl below). 




The little way they try to follow their parents voice, the bird like way their mouth gets when they are hunger, the smell of their skin… Everything is amazing.  This little girl reminded me so much of my son the day we brought him home. In fact, her first name is his middle name!


 I feel so honored and blessed to have been able to document the first days of this newborns life. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek B. family!


As you can see from this post, there was not a lack of images I loved, I loved them all…and I hope mom and dad do too!  xoxo – Lisa 

She’s Graduated!


It is always such a blessing to be asked to photograph a childs first year or 2. I get to watch them grow, and I am personally involved in capturing and creating milestone memories for those first big moments in life. From the begininning, to sitting, crawling, walking (and in a lot of cases running!). This is one of my favorite things about being a children’s photographer.  It is such an honor and a privilage.  Meet my latest graduate. Little A.  She has been such a joy to photograph and her parents are amazing. I am always a little sad when the final session in the plan is finished, but I look forward to the toddler years and in many cases (I hope) photographing thier high school senior pictures.  A. and I have been through a lot.  The snow at Como Park, a beautiful summer day in Minneapolis Park, she was one of the first bookshelf babys I photographed and many of you may recognize her from my website (that picture is below).  You have come a long way little Ms. A.  Thank you for the ride!xoxo – lisa 

After the session

I had a wonderful client email me images of her pictures on the wall today..and I have to say, I LOVED it!  You see, I get to meet all these fabulous people, play with their kids, create these memories and when the pictures go home with them, I don’t usually get to see them again until our next session (if that one is held at the home). I was soooooooo excited (as you can tell from the long drawn out oooo) to receive these and see how beautiful it looked on her wall. Thank you G. Family.  So this got me thinking…all you blog reading, past clients..feel free to send me pictures of your art on the wall. You never know when it will show up on the blog! Have a happy day!xoxo – Lisa 

Love me tender..

Meet little Miss L.   This had to be one of the best “day in the life” photography sessions I have ever shot.  Little L. has a special connection with Elvis. She loves all things Elvis, and I agree with her mom that it may be because she shares a birthday with the King Of Rock and Roll.  L. is quite the artist. Not only can she sing..(here she is singing some Elvis ballads to me)  she also draws (and you should see her mom’s AMAZING art. Did I mention her mom is an artist?)  


oh yeah, and I almost forgot to mention…all of this from a gorgeous, brown-eyed 3 year old. Yup, my serenading, art drawing, bed jumping,  fun loving subject is 3. Does life get any better than this?!? 


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